More on Choosing a Key

From the “Audition Tips” for University of Michigan Department of Musical Theatre: “Do not try to sing too high or too loudly. An enormous number of applicants present songs in keys that are too high for them to show themselves at their best vocally. Volume and range can be explored separately if the faculty has […]


At last! It’s here! Your school or studio can get an institutional license from The Belt Book. Just go to http://www.thebeltbook.com/institutional.php and have at it! Depending on the number of students you have under your license, it could be as little as $3/mo per student. Far less that a decent cup of coffee or tea. […]

The KEY to KEY

Original key? Key that’s best for me? What do I do? There can be a lot of reasons a song is published in a particular key. The limitations or the skills of the person originating the role, a compilation in which the publisher seeks to find “every man’s” key (usually putting the song in a […]

WHY are there so few BALLADs for Men, pre 1965 in the Belt BooK?

Ok, just stop and think about it for a minute. Done? Right: the musical theatre literature prior to the 1960’s was based primarily in a “legit” style, unless the character in the musical was there for comic relief, or was an older, light weight character. For example, Ali Hakim in Oklahoma or Nettie in Carousel […]

The First Ever MT Competition for NATS

Held in Orlando the end of June started with regional auditions in LA, Chicago, New York and online. Twenty four semi-finalists and six finalists. I am proud of my organization for recognizing Musical Theatre (NATS prefers “Theater”—we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one) as a legitimate vocal performance medium and honoring young artists […]

Coding Error

Sorry all, we had a coding error that caused the Detail Results in the Search feature of The Belt Book to bite it. We’re all good now, you can see details of songs, look at You Tubes, and link to purchasing audio files and sheet music.

Orlando: The 52nd National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Conference

I had fully intended to blog every day of this Conference—but it’s been so wonderfully exciting, I didn’t want to miss a moment.  The presentations run the gamut of heady pedy (pedagogy) to in the trenches training. All marvelous. The energy of hundreds of people who love to sing and act and share their knowledge […]