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Thanks for your patience over the last few days– the search feature is back up and running today with another few hundred entries!

Database Temporarily Off-Line

The data base is currently undergoing a bit of remodeling and is off-line. While that is happening, please feel free to use the “advanced search” capabilities.

Anything that Matters, part 1

“Anything that Matters Never Gets Any Easier” –Philip Seymour Hoffman part 2 coming soon


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How to Search the Belt Book

In selecting criteria, you need to think both logically and historically. For example, for females, pre-1965, there are no low and no mid-Tessitura power ballads that are belt for any type. Why? Think! • Stylistically, power ballads are particular to contemporary music. So are belted ballads of any kind. • Ballads usually will fall into […]

Memphis Is In!

Check it out! Memphis has now been added to the Belt Book database!

Websites R’Us

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week at the University of Wyoming, teaching a variety of BFA students in a variety of classes. The senior class is working on their websites, a necessity today. I found some over arching themes in all of them: • A new camera angle does not a point […]