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Websites R’Us

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week at the University of Wyoming, teaching a variety of BFA students in a variety of classes. The senior class is working on their websites, a necessity today. I found some over arching themes in all of them:

• A new camera angle does not a point of view make. Use photos that express different points of view or give us a deeper understanding about WHO YOU ARE.
• Shorter video/audio clips are better. Be pithy. Trim the videos to start where you want your viewer to begin. Don’t make them work for it.
• Don’t put high school credits on your resume—really?
• Putting your “favorite” roles in your bio is redundant with the resume you are including on the site, and mostly readers aren’t going to care what your favorite was; they will want to make up their mind about you themselves. Use your bio to share something interesting and unusual about you.
• If you have an upcoming or currently in pre-production section, you have got to remember to update regularly.
• Make it EASY for your reader to get the info, not have to click around too much, or dig. NO TYPOS!

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