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Master Class with Masters

 A recent master class in Seattle that I hosted with Justin Huff of Telsey+Co Casting produced some great insights for the artists who participated. Justin is concise, clear, and kind (not what one might typically think of in a high profile NYC casting director).  His aptitude for creating an environment in which the students could risk and expand their work made for a great experience for all.

Here are a few thoughts from the master class:

*Play the truth of the moments: for example, it’s not “now I’m going to tell you off” or “ this is a smart little dig coming at you”, they are honest in the moment actions rather than caricatures.

*In an antagonistic scenario, it’s always more powerful if your “other” or scene partner doesn’t see you get emotional.

*Go further in a variety of emotional directions to see how you feel when rehearsing a piece.

*Sing with simplicity, own the notes, send the energy forward, lift the sounds.

*How does what you’re saying translate physically? The discovery of what it feels like is a growing feeling, how does that change physicality?

*Find the balance between you feeling sorry for yourself and being strong. We want to root for you.

*The push and pull of opposites is comedy.

*It’s not sound for the sake of sound: everything has a purpose, intention, discovery.  Sing the story rather than the pitches, watch out for the trap of choosing material simply because there are fabulous notes and you want to show them off. All notes are fabulous if they are rooted in breath and honesty of interaction.

*OWN IT -don’t self monitor!

Of course, there was much, much more. But you’ll have to attend the next class and do the work yourself.

Thank you, Justin!


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